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Hello world!

I’m leaving the title, because that’s essentially what a first post is about.

This blog is going to document my culinary undertakings: what happens when a graduate student on a fixed budget with no spare time, a love for creating everything from scratch tries to sustain themselves. Cooking is my way of escaping from the crazy, scientific land of physics. The only uses for the measuring cups in my kitchen are as scoops and containers, to mixed success. I hope that documenting the the things I cook leads me to more consistent results… and the important thing (as is always emphasized in experimental science)- duplicability!

My loves: local, vegetarian food. Creating new things. Making food from scratch, because it will taste better than anything store bought even if it’s, well, not. Throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot and seeing what happens. Sharing what I cook with the others in my building so I have more justification to make more things.

I love going down to my parents’ hobby farm in the late afternoon and letting it inspire me for dinner. Being able to make dinner solely from homegrown things. I’ve recently moved across the country into an apartment, and it’s definitely one of the things I miss the most!


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